Wedding photography

So you are just about to start planning your big day, feels daunting doesn't it! and now you are at the part of finding a wedding photographer...... Its a huge out there and the choices of photographers in London is not short! this is why i'm a firm believer that you should choose someone who firstly you like , feel like you could get on with, like their style of photography and someone who makes you feel at ease! after all its a strange feeling being photographed all day.

I may be a photographer but i am all too aware that i clam up if someone takes any photos of me!

So this is where my experience and time comes out to play. Your day should be about you having fun, laughing, crying and being with your loved ones and most importantly being all giddy that you just got hitched! But what does that have do with me your thinking! well everything really, i will be everywhere all at once capturing all of those tiny moments and the real big ones too & before you know it i will be part of the fold and will almost feel like a quest.

Below you will find lovely little galleries of some previous weddings i have shot, so that you can get an idea of what i shoot on the day.

HOw i work:

I. Lets chat & book the date.

  1. So you have your wedding date and venue booked, next is to book a photographer! We first will have a very informal chat about your day, your vision and what you would like out of your day having a photographer in it and what's important to you as a couple.
  2. If you choose me, we will then have a proper consultation and go through all of the finer details in person or over a video call, & really get to know each other.
  3. As it gets a little closer to your day, i offer a pre shoot so we can get to know each other photographically, you can feel a bit more comfortable having your photos taken, you get to see how i work and you get some bonus shots :)

II. The big day.

Depending on what package you choose with me, your day with me in may look a bit like this....

  • I will start with you as you are getting ready, being with your besties or family .
  • I then pop off to the venue to get photos of all of your finer details in your venue and snap some of your guests waiting. Sometimes i may even travel with you to the venue, but don't worry there will be time for me photographer the tables and decorations and tiny details throughout the day.
  • I am then with you for the whole day, capturing every moment i can, from the tiny moments to the really big ones. I usually stay with you and your guest until after your first dance (if you are having one) and the party really starts going

III. Deliver memories.

  1. Within a few weeks your photos will then be organised professionally edited by me and uploaded to your own private website, where you can download, keep and share images with loved ones. A few days after your day, i will send a few over for a sneak peak.
  2. I choose and print a few photos for you have as a keepsake, i tuck them up in a little box and put all of your images onto a `usb as a backup for you to keep.
  3. Your private website can be kept for one year, for you to look back and enjoy or re download if you haven't.

Special moments, captured for life.

Special moments, captured for life.