Hi, i am Hermione

Mum of one, well two if you include my camera!

From a young age all I’ve ever wanted to do is be a photographer!

Having worked full time in special needs schools, in my spare time i would photograph events, i then dipped my toes in food photography, then worked along some wedding photographers and i was hooked. I mean what's better than capturing such a special day and knowing that the images you have taken are going to bring so much joy.

I love a good wedding and a giggle.

As you can see from my portfolio, I’m a no thrills relaxed kind of photographer. Well, i say no thrills I do love a bit of natural lighting to really make those images pop full of emotion and capture those moments of pure natural joy that will live on forever, have some fun, laugh and make it a day to remember.

You just be you and i'll do the rest!!

Since becoming a mum i found my identity within my photography changed & i feel it changed for the better. My son became my muse and inspiration, although he now hides if i try to take his photo!! But i look back at photos, & none are of us as a family, laughing.playing at home, just being us in the chaos of a family home! as i'm always behind the camera.

This is where i decided to start shooting relaxed, documentary style, fun family photos. Photos that are you as a family just being you! & memories that will live on forever, even when the kids have grown up and fled the nest.

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