Before the big day

A pre wedding shoot, what's this i hear you say?!

Well firstly it is something that is included in your full day package & this is a great way for us to get to know each other personally and photographically. Most importantly it gives you chance to feel nice and comfortable behind the camera, without the pressure of the main day, and me a chance to show you how i work, so on the day you feel at home with me.

On your pre-shoot we will have the chance to also really talk over your day, go through all of the timings, the feel you are looking for, your colour scheme, if there are people or extra events happening, that are a absolute must to be snapped and every tiny detail possible.

This helps you to understand how i will fit into your day, me a chance to really get a visual of your day in my head, and! you will also get some extra shots, for a keepsake.

Lets start something